Spiced Pear Mead Recipe

I asked a friend the other day if he had ever tried mead. He had to think about it for a while. "Isn't that what they drink in Game of Thrones?" he finally asked me. Yes. Yes it is. So what is mead? I mean, really... To put it simply, it's wine made from honey.... Continue Reading →

Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar

It might be said that there are a few things that you will find common among most homesteaders. One of those things would certainly be chickens. The other thing would probably be apple cider vinegar. I'll admit that I didn't really start to understand the many benefits of ACV until just over the past couple... Continue Reading →

Smoked Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Warning. We're entering the time of year where everything is all about pumpkin. I understand the marketing angle, even though its been quite overused in my opinion. Pumpkins create an ambiance around fall for most of us. And fall brings with it the longing for warm drinks and yummy comfort food. But I don't want... Continue Reading →

How To Make Salted Snap Pea Chips

Sugar snap peas are a big part of our late spring harvest. I love the little white flowers that dot the cluster of reaching green vines. The bees do too. Much of the garden hasn't yet awakened to its full glory, and while the peas aren't the first to the dance, they certainly know how... Continue Reading →

How To Ferment Radish

Radishes are a spring staple on our homestead. They're easy to plant and yield in just under 30 days, plus they do well in cool weather. So as soon as the ground is workable, these are usually one of the first veggies I plant. In our house, the first planting of radish is usually consumed... Continue Reading →

Good Old Fashioned Skillet Hash Recipe

My favorite meal is breakfast. In our house, serving breakfast isn't just for the morning however. Because that would just be boring. No, we reserve the right to serve breakfast for any meal. Sometimes that's in the middle of the day as brunch on Sunday, and at least once a week it's what we have... Continue Reading →

Slow Cooked Cowboy Beans

Some of the simplest things are made even better when we are patient enough to wait for them. This is especially true when it comes to good food. Our culture celebrates fast and on demand. So much so that it is almost eclectic or counterculture to suggest that immediate is not always better. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Quick & Easy Avocado Salsa

I find myself looking for ways to bring a little piece of summer into the home during the long months of winter. Especially when the sun won't come out for days and the land is whitened by snow. So what does one do when they are longing for summer in the heart of January? One... Continue Reading →

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