It all started with a dream…

And an opportunity to purchase a small Iowa farm in the summer of 2016. There, in the shadow of the old brick barn which sits at the southern edge of the property, we founded our little farm. And our dream of working our own land to produce healthy and delicious food became a reality.

Our farm is building on the idea of stewardship. We want to be responsible stewards of the land we have been blessed with while serving our community. We’re the family growing raspberries and broccoli on land surrounded by corn and soybeans. The ones pasturing our heritage pigs in the shadow of the commercial confinement barns. We do things a little bit different, and we get a lot of funny looks, but we believe our future is directly related to the decisions we make today. For us, that means investing in the health of our soil, intensively growing delicious fruits and vegetables and raising our animals in a way that celebrates how they were created to live.

Are you a homesteader? Do you have the desire to escape the rat race and pursue a life with deeper purpose and satisfaction? Then join the revolution!

We are passionate about teaching and inspiring others to grow their own food. But here on the blog you’ll also find recipes, modern homesteading tips and anecdotes on life. This is where I share my heart with anyone willing to listen.

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