How To Ferment Radish

Radishes are a spring staple on our homestead. They're easy to plant and yield in just under 30 days, plus they do well in cool weather. So as soon as the ground is workable, these are usually one of the first veggies I plant. In our house, the first planting of radish is usually consumed... Continue Reading →

Slow Cooked Cowboy Beans

Some of the simplest things are made even better when we are patient enough to wait for them. This is especially true when it comes to good food. Our culture celebrates fast and on demand. So much so that it is almost eclectic or counterculture to suggest that immediate is not always better. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup

Baby it's cold outside... It's that time of year. We've got cold mornings. We've got cold evenings. We even had snow flakes the other day. But instead of complaining about the weather, I'll just focus on the positive things that come with this seasonal change. Like delicious comfort food that warms right to the soul.... Continue Reading →

Citrus Pork Bits with Zoodles

Pork chops are amazing, especially on the grill. But they get boring after a while. Let's face it, boring food just isn't satisfying. I wanted something different. I wanted something a little bold. Something healthy and invigorating. Most importantly...I wanted FLAVOR! Pork Bits are a fun, easy way to enjoy the same great cut of... Continue Reading →

Growing Broccoli: From Seed to Harvest

What if I told you that you could easily grow your own broccoli, right in your back yard? Okay, maybe that's not that big a deal. But what if I told you that it just might be the best broccoli you've ever tasted? Store bought broccoli has one advantage: it's usually available any season you... Continue Reading →

Bold Irish Chili Recipe

When the weather turns cold, I crave food that will warm my bones. The kind of food that satisfies my quest for flavor but doesn't sacrifice health for comfort. I'm not always a big fan of chili, but sometimes it really does just hit the spot. You know? And if you're a lover of all... Continue Reading →

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