Sometimes Old Things Need to Come Down

Our culture is too quick to dismiss the old things. We want shiny, we want new and for some reason I’ll never understand we want it to be painted white (thanks Joanna Gaines!).

But I like the old things. I’m fond of the weathered. I’m partial to the worn. I’m in love with the old ways, the old buildings and just about anything that has been well used.

Most of the time.

But sometimes, friends…

Sometimes you just gotta tear the old things down.

This old hog barn is a great example. It was used through the late seventies to farrow hogs. At one time it was a functional building that was well placed on the land to serve it’s purpose.

But the years have not been kind to it. And for the past 4 decades it’s been neglected, serving only mice and wasps and whatever stray cat might have found shelter underneath it’s pocked roof.

Underneath this building there is a pad of concrete. And friends, I need to get to that concrete. I need it because the Ealy Homestead needs a greenhouse. So, alas, this old building has to come down. To make room for the new.

And I’m not gonna lie. After two weeks of social distancing, it felt good to tear something down.

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