Another Season Ends in Our Market Garden

The market garden is now dormant. Asleep again as winter approaches. All is quiet where there once was a flurry of activity not that long ago.

I always come into this season with mixed feelings of relief and gratitude. Our spring is so busy with planting and working the soil, and our summer with harvest, that the rest that comes with autumn is well received.

However, a part of me already looks forward to next spring when I can get my fingers into the warm soil one more time.

It has been three years since we first started our market garden. Through our failures and victories, we have learned so much.

There’s few places I would rather be.

Even in this colorless off-season, there is still a beauty to the garden. In our latest video, walk with me through our garden plots as I share a few of the things we did this year, and what we hope to accomplish next season.

Be well.

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