Just Slow Down

There are seasons and cycles on the farm. A rhythm and a flow to this life. But the one thing that permeates everything is busyness.

We are always busy. Because there is always something to do. And if I’m honest, most of the time it feels like if we take a few moments to rest everything will just fall apart.

I know that’s not entirely true. But still…



I’m taking the time right now to remind myself that busyness is not the point. It’s not the point to this life or this lifestyle. It may be a condition, or a consequence. It might even be a kind of means to an end.

But busyness is not the point.


Joy is the point. Right? But joy can easily get lost sometimes. Getting caught up in the daily routine can do that, especially if we forget why we do what we do. Sometimes we need to take a step back, pour a hot cup of coffee and just reflect (while sipping said cup of coffee).


Joy. Purpose. Satisfaction.

It seems so ridiculous to me that I have to be intentional about slowing down sometimes. It’s embarrassing to admit it. But it’s so necessary.

When I slow down I am reminded of all the things we’ve accomplished since moving to the farm. And how different our life is now compared to just a few years ago. I’m amazed at far we’ve come along in this journey. When you’ve got your head down and focused on the busy work, its easy to miss all of this.


Winter is supposed to be a season of slowing. I think this was by design, to remind us that we too need to slow down. To recharge. To reflect.

I think I’ll pour another cup of coffee.

Will you join me?

Be well –


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