What We’re Growing In 2021

Do you have your garden planned out yet for next year? I know, I know. It's only December. There's snow on the ground and we're barely into winter yet. But it's this time of year when I start getting the itch to work the soil. You know what I mean? When the days are short,... Continue Reading →

Fresh Kale and Grilled Chicken Salad

I've been craving fresh vegetables. Longing for them, really. I swear I come out of winter with withdrawals for good, healthy food like spinach, carrots, radish and kale. It's so satisfying to the soul (and to the stomach) to be able to prepare meals with food grown right from your own soil. Salads are a... Continue Reading →

The Scoop on Raised Garden Beds

They come in all sizes. They come in all shapes.  It doesn't matter how grand or how small your gardening ambition might be. Adding raised beds might be one of the easiest things to consider to give a jump-start to your gardening experience.   The benefits of raised beds There are many reasons to use... Continue Reading →

How to Start Seeds Without a Greenhouse

I used to dream of owning several greenhouses. Large, beautiful caterpillar shaped vessels filled with flower and vegetable starts. Can you picture them? I still dream about them. But this just isn't in the cards for us quite yet. Dreams must yield to reality. A proper greenhouse is still very much in our plans, but... Continue Reading →

Taking The Dream To Reality

    So we're starting to figure some things out. When we first started this adventure last year, we only had a vague idea of what we wanted to do with our acreage. We had a vision, a dream, but the details of how that dream would evolve into reality were pretty soft and vague.... Continue Reading →

Dream With Me For A Bit

We're having new electricity run in the corn crib and the wood shop, and it won't be finished until Wednesday. No power, no tools. So it's forced me to do other things. And that's good, because I've realized there is still a lot to do on the property before winter really sets in. We've been thinking... Continue Reading →

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