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6 Tools I Can’t Live Without in the Garden

I try to do as much as I can by hand in the garden. This is partially because I try to live as frugally as possible. But it’s also because I’m unwaveringly stubborn. Just ask my wife! When we first started our market garden, I had grand delusions of farming 3 acres with only a

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5 Things to Know Before Buying Acreage

So you want to be a homesteader… I get that. The longing to live on your own land, grow your own food and learn a lifestyle of self-reliance and simplicity. It’s one of the reasons we moved our family half way across the country just to find the right place to settle our roots. Whatever

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Going Old School With The Ford Jubilee

In 1953, Ford celebrated their 50th anniversary by launching a new tractor line called the Ford NAA. It was dubbed the Golden Jubilee. Slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor, the Ford 8N, the Jubilee featured a 134 cu inch 4 cylinder gasoline engine boasting 32hp. Production actually began on this little gem in late

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