Reclaimed Wooden Guitar

Maybe you'll remember the junk pile at the edge of our property?  (Click here to see what I'm talking about) Well I pulled a bunch of wood from it a while ago and set it aside for later use. Old door jambs, window headers and such. It had such a cool chippy look to it I... Continue Reading →

DIY Early Century Bench

I have an affection for benches. Especially old and worn benches from days gone by. And since we have some space to fill in our turn of the century farmhouse, I thought a turn of the century bench would be a good addition. But I didn't want to go out and buy one. I thought... Continue Reading →

Converting The Corncrib

Up until the late fifties, and maybe early sixties, corncribs were widely used to dry and store corn still on the cob. They were often wooden buildings with slatted walls for ventilation. Some had elevators that allowed corn to be delivered and stored in upstairs bins, and some stored grain there as well. Some were... Continue Reading →

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