Rustic Art Frames

I've wanted to come up with a creative way to display the kid's artwork they bring home from school. Anything would be better than it sitting in a pile on the kitchen counter. This project didn't start out as a solution to this problem, but in the end I think it works well. So what... Continue Reading →

Reclaimed Wooden Guitar

Maybe you'll remember the junk pile at the edge of our property?  (Click here to see what I'm talking about) Well I pulled a bunch of wood from it a while ago and set it aside for later use. Old door jambs, window headers and such. It had such a cool chippy look to it I... Continue Reading →

Country Flower Jar

Every year Christmas arrives on December 25th (duh!) Every year I tell myself I'm going to get a jump on gifts. Every year I'm scrambling and wishing I had taken more time to be prepared. Well, I'm determined to do a better job this year, even though we're already half way through October. There's still... Continue Reading →

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