Do You Need a Rooster?

The answer is no. And yes. Confused yet? Let me explain. There are a lot of myths about raising chickens, shared by well meaning people. I've heard many of them, including the one about needing to have a rooster in order for your hens to lay eggs. This, of course, isn't true. Technically, the only... Continue Reading →

How to Can Pumpkin

As summer winds down, my thoughts are constantly speeding ahead to fall. It's no secret that September and October are my favorite months. Cooler mornings, warm afternoons and a changing of the guard when it comes to evening meals. Soups. Stews. And roasts oh my! However, as the pumpkins begin to ripen in the field,... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Your First Fruits

Gardening is hard stuff. It's not just the weeding. Or the ground prep. Or the manual labor. It's also getting your seed placement and timing right. It's understanding how soil temps will affect germination, and knowing just how long to harden off those beautiful transplants you've been worrying over for the past week. It's all... Continue Reading →

How to Make Fermented Spicy Mustard

If you've ever bitten into a freshly grilled brat and there's something missing. Or assembled a masterpiece of a deli sandwich and were left wanting still a little more taste. Yup. I know exactly how you feel. Enter the perfect mustard. Robust flavor. Tongue tingling spice. Beneficial bacteria that help repair the gut and... Continue Reading →

How to Make Smoked Tomato Sauce

Our kitchen is seriously a maze of black crates. Each black crate is full almost to the top with peppers and tomatoes. It always amazes me how much we are usually able to pull out of our garden this time of year. It's like the tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and carrots have rallied for one last,... Continue Reading →

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