How to Make Elderberry Fire Cider

I'm a big believer in boosting our immunity naturally. Natural ingredients like organic ginger, garlic and elderberry all are known to have tremendous health benefits, and we use them religiously. Especially as the weather starts to change, kids go back to school and the cold and flu season kicks off. We forage for elderberry midsummer... Continue Reading →

How To Make Salted Snap Pea Chips

Sugar snap peas are a big part of our late spring harvest. I love the little white flowers that dot the cluster of reaching green vines. The bees do too. Much of the garden hasn't yet awakened to its full glory, and while the peas aren't the first to the dance, they certainly know how... Continue Reading →

How to Make Fermented Spicy Mustard

If you've ever bitten into a freshly grilled brat and there's something missing. Or assembled a masterpiece of a deli sandwich and were left wanting still a little more taste. Yup. I know exactly how you feel. Enter the perfect mustard. Robust flavor. Tongue tingling spice. Beneficial bacteria that help repair the gut and... Continue Reading →

How to Make Tomato Herb Pesto

Interested in a twist on the traditional pesto recipe? Look no further than your tomato patch for a way to create a new flavor that will liven up any dish! Think sweet. Think slightly salty. And think earthy herb bliss. I used cherry tomatoes to make this recipe, because they are sweeter than the larger... Continue Reading →

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