How To Ferment Radish

Radishes are a spring staple on our homestead. They're easy to plant and yield in just under 30 days, plus they do well in cool weather. So as soon as the ground is workable, these are usually one of the first veggies I plant. In our house, the first planting of radish is usually consumed... Continue Reading →

Slow Cooked Cowboy Beans

Some of the simplest things are made even better when we are patient enough to wait for them. This is especially true when it comes to good food. Our culture celebrates fast and on demand. So much so that it is almost eclectic or counterculture to suggest that immediate is not always better. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Quick & Easy Avocado Salsa

I find myself looking for ways to bring a little piece of summer into the home during the long months of winter. Especially when the sun won't come out for days and the land is whitened by snow. So what does one do when they are longing for summer in the heart of January? One... Continue Reading →

Pesto Herb French Bread

Baking bread has become a regular passtime on the Ealy Homestead. I think baking bread is one of those things that looks harder than it really is. There's a mystery about it when observing from afar. But when you finally draw up enough courage to pull near, to reach in and give baking bread a... Continue Reading →

Lobster & Shrimp Fettuccine Recipe

I know that pasta dishes aren't in fashion right now. But after the whole keto thing blows over, there will come a day when pasta makes a comeback, my friend. And when that day comes, I've got the perfect recipe right here to help the hungry soul reclaim their long lost affection for pasta. Delicious... Continue Reading →

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