Pesto Herb French Bread

Baking bread has become a regular passtime on the Ealy Homestead. I think baking bread is one of those things that looks harder than it really is. There's a mystery about it when observing from afar. But when you finally draw up enough courage to pull near, to reach in and give baking bread a... Continue Reading →

25 Ideas to Inspire Your Country Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it's officially time to start decorating for Christmas. Looking for inspiration? You've come to the right place. We've put together 25 ideas to help you get started planning your perfect country Christmas. These metal Christmas trees are a perfect addition for a little rustic look. From┬áRustinRose A different take... Continue Reading →

New Bathroom For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a...bathroom? It was one of the first things on the list when we bought the old farmhouse. A hundred years ago, families were big right? Lots of children running around the house. And only one tiny bathroom? Well, they certainly knew how to make do with less back then.... Continue Reading →

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