Lobster & Shrimp Fettuccine Recipe

I know that pasta dishes aren't in fashion right now. But after the whole keto thing blows over, there will come a day when pasta makes a comeback, my friend. And when that day comes, I've got the perfect recipe right here to help the hungry soul reclaim their long lost affection for pasta. Delicious... Continue Reading →

How to Make Pane Bianco

When there is snow on the ground, and the wind is cold, and the skies are full of dirty white clouds that hide away the sun (the sun you haven't seen in days, mind you)...I say bake. Bake with your whole heart. Bake like your life depends on it. Why? Because the soul needs to... Continue Reading →

Bottom’s Up Chili Recipe

Good chili is the way to any man's heart. But it's got to be good. I'm talking about an explosion of taste that is virtually savored after each bite. The kind of taste that lingers for a little while in the soul, like an exceptionally moving story or piece of music. Am I being too... Continue Reading →

Killer Homemade Dry Rub Recipes

Honestly, growing peppers might be one of my favorite things about the garden. When I sit down over the winter to flip through my seed catalogs, peppers are usually the first I go through. Searching through the all the different varieties makes me feel like I did as a little kid standing at the penny... Continue Reading →

How to Make Strawberry Pecan Bread

Fresh strawberries. Mmmmm... I'm drooling just thinking about them. Certainly one of my favorite things about early summer! Nothing beats the flavor of a fresh, sun ripened strawberry. We use them to make jams and deserts. We smother our pancakes with them. Our kids will eat them right off the vine until their faces are... Continue Reading →

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