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5 Things We Don’t Do With Our Chickens in the Winter (and 5 Things We Do)

Oh winter…we have a love-hate kinda relationship. I love the rest you offer, and the unwinding of busyness you force upon my life. I’m in awe of the picturesque beauty you cast upon our frozen landscape, like the silent purity of falling snow on a Sunday morning. And I appreciate the excuse you give to

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Finding Balance on the Homestead

Ever struggle with not having enough time to do all the things? Yeah, I know how that feels. There are so many things that we want or need to do, fix, grow, build…and there never seems to be enough time to do it all. So projects get pushed out, or simply not done at all.

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Just a Little Update

Well, spring arrived here in Iowa…and then it quickly slipped back into winter. The last couple days temps have plummeted back down to the high thirties. It was seventy-five last weekend, just to give you perspective. And while the rain is keeping us out of the fields, it is a necessary blessing. The radish, carrot

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