How to Can Pumpkin

As summer winds down, my thoughts are constantly speeding ahead to fall. It's no secret that September and October are my favorite months. Cooler mornings, warm afternoons and a changing of the guard when it comes to evening meals. Soups. Stews. And roasts oh my! However, as the pumpkins begin to ripen in the field,... Continue Reading →

Pickled Snap Pea Recipe

So I tried something that I've never even considered until this year. I mean, who pickles peas? Not me. Until now that is. Because they're really good. The sweetness of the sugar snap peas combines with the tangy bite of the vinegar brine to create a unique culinary experience. And similar to a pickled cucumber,... Continue Reading →

Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup

Baby it's cold outside... It's that time of year. We've got cold mornings. We've got cold evenings. We even had snow flakes the other day. But instead of complaining about the weather, I'll just focus on the positive things that come with this seasonal change. Like delicious comfort food that warms right to the soul.... Continue Reading →

Quick & Easy Pickled Peppers

If you've got a few minutes to spare in the kitchen and a handful of peppers to use up, here is a simple recipe you can use to create delicious pickled peppers. Tangy and packed with flavor, pickled peppers are fantastic on sandwiches or in scrambled eggs. Or use them however you would fresh peppers.... Continue Reading →

How to Make Smoked Tomato Sauce

Our kitchen is seriously a maze of black crates. Each black crate is full almost to the top with peppers and tomatoes. It always amazes me how much we are usually able to pull out of our garden this time of year. It's like the tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and carrots have rallied for one last,... Continue Reading →

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