Slow Cooked Cowboy Beans

Some of the simplest things are made even better when we are patient enough to wait for them. This is especially true when it comes to good food. Our culture celebrates fast and on demand. So much so that it is almost eclectic or counterculture to suggest that immediate is not always better. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Quick & Easy Avocado Salsa

I find myself looking for ways to bring a little piece of summer into the home during the long months of winter. Especially when the sun won't come out for days and the land is whitened by snow. So what does one do when they are longing for summer in the heart of January? One... Continue Reading →

Home Made BBQ Chicken Pizza

I am a pizza junkie. Are you? Oh good, let's be friends. It's possible I was spoiled. I blame living in the Pacific Northwest, where the pizza is made with fresh ingredients, exceptional crust and usually paired with a fine micro brew. It's hard being a pizza junkie while living in the Midwest. Good pizza... Continue Reading →

Reverse Seared Steak with Smoked Baby Potatoes

Each season carries its own nostalgia, things for which that season is pleasantly remembered for. Fall has it's apples and pumpkins. Winter has it's first snow, spring the smell of fresh cut grass. For me, summer is celebrated through freshly picked strawberries, baseball, and meals prepared on the grill. Summer days are long, and for... Continue Reading →

Killer Homemade Dry Rub Recipes

Honestly, growing peppers might be one of my favorite things about the garden. When I sit down over the winter to flip through my seed catalogs, peppers are usually the first I go through. Searching through the all the different varieties makes me feel like I did as a little kid standing at the penny... Continue Reading →

Grilling Cedar Plank Steelhead

How about some BBQ? But what's on the menu? Cedar plank steelhead please! Fish is one of the easiest things to grill. Our go-to favorite has always been steelhead, but if you don't have steelhead in your area you can substitute with salmon. Never grilled with cedar planks? No problem! Here's an easy step by... Continue Reading →

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